Hey everyone.

I know how how impatient you all are for the release of the bunnies and I can assure you that we are working on them like crazy. They should be released soon. We just want to make sure that it all runs well. Yes we are picky and don’t want to sell ok products. We want to sell Perfection. Ok it’s hard to get there but we are trying ;)

For those of you who are not familiar with HunnyBunny, we are a couple of friends who are working on releasing breedable bunnies within Second Life. These bunnies will be hatched (yes hatched!) from easter eggs (lol yes, we are crazy like that), will need food and care to grow and breed to give you more and more easter eggs to hatch or sell. It’s a bit like the Tamagotchi back in the 80’s except that these are physical within a virtual world. Ok I will stop messing with your minds :P

Our scripters are working night and day to make sure that our scripts are running according to our standards and so far… so good. Things are rolling. I can say that we should be ready to release them very soon. Please enter the HunnyBunny Update Group if you haven’t already to know when they are ready and spread the word because these bunnies are the next IT thing in SL and for a long time. Want to take care of something cute, with little lag and low prims? The HunnyBunny is what you want :-) Stay tuned.