Yes finally!!!! Today we released a 20 page book with detailed information about the first breeding bunnies of SL. And we should be releasing before the end of September. Yes yes… we are almost there.

We are so excited to offer you this wonderful experience with the most adorable bunnies ever. We have chosen to work with the best of the best. Trust me when I tell you that we will blow you away. Come on over to our store and hit the boards to get your own copy of the book. Plus you can send it to your friends to share the excitement.

Now for the big BOOM. The Farm has been chosen to be our sponsor. That’s right. The best farm in SL is sponsoring HunnyBunny. Go fast to the bunnies sim to reserve your stall or store. They are being taken really fast. Get on the success train now and start at the beginning of this wonderful and unique adventure.