Hello everyone ;)

As some of you know, we are currently beta testing the bunnies to make sure they all run smoothly. The next step is the complete phase. We are going to be testing the entire features of our bunnies. The testers will be able to experience the feeding, playing, owner recognition and it’s effect on their happiness,  mating, egg laying and the egg hatching to finally get a baby bunny. But most of all, we are going to concentrate on our exclusive anti-hacking system.

Since we started working on this project, our main concern was to make sure that no one will try to cheat the system by stopping the automatic updates, selling clones, or copying the bunnies. With our technique, there is no way to have cheaters who would flood the market with rares. Everyone will have the same chances of getting those precious rares. Our bunnies will not require to purchase anything to update them as our servers will send out the automatic update to every single bunny. Updates are an offered feature with us and not something that makes you end up with outdated products to discard.

I will definitely be releasing a very detailed post on how our bunnies function as soon as we are close to release. I know a lot of you are waiting to finally own your own HB bunnies and we are getting close to the release date.

Stay tuned ;)