When we started working on our cute little bunnies we never imagined how popular they would become. I wish to thank all the HB enthusiasts who keep IM us with so much positive feeback and support. You are a great movitation for us to go even further. At the very beginning of this project, we thought a simple store on mainland would be enough… it goes without saying that we were wrong and I am so happy we were ;)

Today, HunnyBunny already has 3 stores set up, including one that will also be holding SLTD’s clothes specially created for HunnyBunny. Of course to this collection will be added Bunny Tremor’s clothing collection too. All three stores have our group joiner and we also have a subscrib-o-matic device in case you are short of group slot. They will all have the future vendors for all your HB needs.

Finally, last but not least, HunnyBunny’s headquarters are getting settled on the Bunnies sim. Yes, we have decided to work closely with our sponsors who have been so lovingly supporting us since the very beginning. The Farm Ltd. and HunnyBunny will be working hand in hand to offer you everything on one sim. Now you can buy and sell at the same place.

The Bunnies sim was rezzed specifically for HunnyBunny. So it was only a natural move to set up our mainstore on it. I believe there are very few stalls and stores left to rent if you want to get on the HB bunny train early. So hop over to the Bunnies sim and rent your stalls and stores now before it’s too late.