First off, I want to thank you all for sending your designs. It was great to see so many people create our potential HB EggCradle and HB CarryCage. I remind you that these items are needed ONLY when you sell your HB Eggs or Lives. You will not need these to move them for yourself. They can be taken to inventory without dying or breaking.

The old saying “less is more” comes to our mind here. I totally agree with that. A lot of you made some really wonderful creations but there were too many prims at use. At HunnyBunny, we keep in mind that many people rent carts at markets and can only use 20 prims. We want you to be able to use it efficiently. This is why the less prims, the better. And I have to admit that I am all for the minimal style and these items looked perfect.

HB EggCradle (Designed by Aeiron Dexing) 1 Prim

HB EggCradle

Prim torture at its best. He himself admits that it only took a minute to create it but omg the effect is perfect. We tried all the colors we could think of and all of them looked pretty. The transparency is what makes this design so gorgeous. We will set a temp rez of the actual egg inside this bubble when you click on it to see the stats. Imagine 20 of these colored bubbles on a cart ;) Congratulations Aeiron, you are the official designer of the HB EggCradle.


HB CarryCage (Designed by Scandalous Magic) 1 Prim


Simple, yet sophisticated. Excellent texture work. The white base is needed to send out the true color of the bunny inside. If your HB bunny is white, the HB CarryCage will be white. She made a perfect tape with our logo, slightly modified to keep it simple and easy on the graphics… keeping in mind that many of these will be arounds the markets. Congratulations Scandalous, you are the designer of the HB CarryCage.

Our lucky winners both will receive a Fat Pack of HB food valued at L$ 1’600. I will also announce the SLURL to their respective stores as soon as they are ready and all set.

Once again, thank you all for participating in this adventure. We loved each and every single design that we received ;)

Love ;)