Hello Bunny Luvers :)

Today I am going to explain in detail why HunnyBunny is delayed and why we were so quiet during October.

As you all know, the Swine Flu has taken over the world and no one is 100% safe. Sadly one of my team members got the Swine Flu. And it wasn’t just anyone, it was the Head Coder, Ruok. Although he did his best to keep up with work by having a liaison agent in-world, he just came to a point where it was impossible for him to concentrate on the work. This is why the entire beta was put on hiatus for a long period of time. This is also why we were so quiet in Second Life and didn’t update everyone as often as we wanted to. It’s always very difficult to announce this kind of news because:

1: It is a medical detail and we don’t like to talk about it.

2: Changes during a set up of a new product can get people nervous and uncertain of what is to come.

But today, I can happily say that HunnyBunny is back on track and healthy. Ruok will sadly not continue this adventure as he needs to rest and get better. I truly wish him all the best and hope to see him up and better soon. Today HunnyBunny has a new coding Goddess.

Presenting Ina Centaur. I have thought for several days of one word that can describe her and truly only one word comes to my mind…. Genius. She is, in my opinion, a script all by herself :P How many coders do you know who can take one idea, start from stratch, code for endless nights to finally release a Milestone 1 Beta with only very few glitches within less than a week? I honestly only know very few and one of them is now part of the HunnyBunny family.

Thanks to Ina, HunnyBunny is working now faster than ever with one of the best coders known to Second Life to release the bunnies within the Grid. M1 Beta started on Tuesday of this week and all reports that we received were very positive. There are only very few minor bugs that have been already corrected. We should be able to start M2 very soon and I will add about 15 people from the HunnyBunny Update Group to this step. Hopefully this will be our last step before we release Open Beta for everyone to preview the cute HB bunnies before final release.

I hope you understand better now why HunnyBunny took so long to start working on beta, on updating you… and why the bunnies have not conquered SL yet :)

Thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support. Your kind IMs have motivated us every single day to work in order to make the best bunnies for you.

Many hugs and kisses and a very Happy Thanksgiving.