Yup yup :D We are already back in the workshop. Not only are we redoing the HB Bunnies with a new look (see VDay bunneh) and some new features, but we are also preparing to get back to our pencils and papers to give birth to the next HB Pet.


HunnyBunny is hopping to mehhhh. Adorable little sheep with an extremely good looking design, as always as low prim as possible, tinting only the collar. There will be a very cute rare breed (hint: Wings :D)

Please note that we have not yet started coding and we are still in the process of choosing the winning design. Please do not ask to test for now as we don’t have anything to test today.

Designers, many people are working on a project to present to me, if you are interested and if you are really good with creating exclusive designs please contact me for more information.

So not only are our bunnies going to be even more awesome, but we are going to have sheep hehe.

Stay tuned :)

NB: Beta for HB Sheep will be very closed as we wish to only have people who report. You will be chosen after a brief interview. No requests will be taken into consideration. Thank you for your understanding.

Hunny Larimore