Here are the detailed updates that are scheduled for the HB Bunnies:

  • No more sickness and no more limits on the number of bunnies within the 10m range
  • Definite 200 servings of food per bunny per week no matter how many carrots you rez (no more double dipping)
  • Food spam for hungry bunnies will be set to once per minute to avoid having a screen full of messages
  • Male cool off time is set to 4 days with a line in stats to say how long we have to avoid market flood.
  • Vectors will be unique on offsprings and will not always be the same exact numbers when the breeding parents are the same.
  • A simple Precheck for rez perms and pims availability will be done before hatching or laying to avoid miscarriage or broken eggs.
  • and more things that will be unveiled very soon.

There will also be a major change in the look of the bunny. They will be way cuter and only tinted on the ears. But you will have the option to not update the bunny design if you like them how they are now.

Stay tuned :)