While we all wait for the super update, have a little look at what’s to come from HB: The St. Patteh Bunneh

This little guy (yes all males) will be the perfect match to your VDay bunneh and is also a limited edition. We will have the same features as the VDay bunneh except that the hat won’t change colors. You will be able to set the color of the ears to your favorite and let him breed with the ladies.

The St. Patteh Bunneh is planned to be set on sale on March 16 2010 and there will only be 50 available. Yes… this little man is even more limited than our VDay bunneh. So look out for the notices in our groups (HunnyBunny Update Group and HunnyBunny Farmers) for the exact day and time that we start selling. Once they are gone, they are gone.

We are currently discussing ways to prevent a market flood. I will proudly say that we are doing great so far :) People are not selling any lives under 250L and there is a very good balance between supply and demand. In order to keep this going on, we are going to make some changes on our selling side. DO NOT WORRY, HunnyBunny will NEVER set any expiration dates on the eggs.