As of today, HunnyBunny will not sell any starter eggs anymore.

The reason why we decided to do this is very simple:

We are getting a lot of newcomers to the HB community and we have seen a lot of eggs on the grid. Now that people seem to have enough bunnies to breed, we thought it was best to stop selling eggs from our vendors to keep the market as steady as it is now.

So from now on, the only way people can join in the HB community is to buy from markets. So get ready… because your eggs and bunnies just got a higher value. Be creative, create your own starter packs, etc… You can buy the mat script at the store to make unlimited mats to give with your starter packs.

Please do inform your clients of the need of carrycases and eggcradles. Give them a notecard with instructions or the HB Manual.

This is our dedication to your business :) We are there to take care of the market too and help you succeed as HB breeders.


Hunny Larimore