Hi everyone.

Please note that we are starting shortly to work on our big update. We have already redesigned the carrots, the bunnies and the packaging of things we sell.

I wish to announce that everything will be created by HunnyBunny Popstar from now on. Please do not IM her or send any notecards if you wish to be answered. She is only there as the creator to keep things separate. The CSR team and myself are always there to answer to you if you need assistance.

Also, Doc Bunjie will be taking an early retirement as soon as the update is out. We believe that you now should know how to handle the bunnies and their eggs and we will no longer revive dead bunnies or replace. So please do not send anything to Doc from now on unless you had our prior consent.

I can assure you that the new update is going to be awesome. The bunnies will look really cute, the sickness will be gone, there will be new features and they will be way easier to care for.

Stay tuned as we tell you more about the update in the coming days :)