Yup… Just celebrated St. Patrick’s and Easter is closer and closer. And boy do you we have something awesome for you.

HunnyBunny is all about easter spirit so it goes without saying that we went to a whole new level with the coming holidays.

Easter edition is not one bunny but A COUPLE!! Yes you read that right :) You will get a couple of Easter Bunnies that will…….drum rolls…….. GIVE AN EXCLUSIVE OFFSPING.

Yes we are getting close to the update and we are already implementing some of the features little by little :)

The Easter Bunnies will look like chocolate bunnies :D and will give a special cotton tail offspring with random pattern eggs. These are definitely going to add colors to your farms. This couple is a must have for all serious breeders.

We are not limiting these in numbers but in time. 1 WEEK! That’s all you have to buy them. After that, we stop the sales. The couple will be sold for 1590L and will hatch at the time to be in sync for breeding. Stay tuned as we add the pictures on this blog :)

Just hop it ^^