Version 2 is finally out :)

We have started updating the bunnies and eggs and people are already starting to see a variety of rares on the grid :D I have personally already seen ads in groups for HB Mx and HB Shiny eggs. This will definitely boost the secondary market for Lives and Eggs trade. If you haven’t updated your bunnies, you still have time to do so. Head to our store on Tsuris and take the updater boxes on the table.

V2 bunnies are totally different. Their menus are very rich and you can really personalize your bunnies to reflect what you wish. You can even upload your very own custom dreams for your bunnies. The new bunnies are not phantom anymore. They turn physical only when they hop tho so your sim will not suffer from lag too much. Please do remember that the less scripted items you have, the better your experience with the bunnies will be.

I wish to thank you all for your patience and understanding for this loooong delay. I really hope you will love the new bunnies as much as we do :)