I have received some complaints from our valued customers and I wanted to set things straight. Yes it is true that we have not updated this blog for some time. This does NOT mean that we are gone off the grid. We are still trying to make our LE bunnies work.

Our coder does have some parallel projects in Second Life that needed a full time attention for a few weeks. This is why there hasn’t been any updates out from us. We are now back to work to make the Limited Edition bunnies finally work and we will contact all the LE owners to help them update/replace the bunnies.

This being said, I wish to also inform you that HunnyBunny is currently on sale. My full time job is limiting my time in Second Life and I would not want this project to die. So if you wish to take over the project, please send your offers to me in-world on a notecard. You may also email me hunnylarimore at gmail dot com.

Thank you for your patience… it’s getting there.