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Back to the workshop

I have received some complaints from our valued customers and I wanted to set things straight. Yes it is true that we have not updated this blog for some time. This does NOT mean that we are gone off the grid. We are still trying to make our LE bunnies work.

Our coder does have some parallel projects in Second Life that needed a full time attention for a few weeks. This is why there hasn’t been any updates out from us. We are now back to work to make the Limited Edition bunnies finally work and we will contact all the LE owners to help them update/replace the bunnies.

This being said, I wish to also inform you that HunnyBunny is currently on sale. My full time job is limiting my time in Second Life and I would not want this project to die. So if you wish to take over the project, please send your offers to me in-world on a notecard. You may also email me hunnylarimore at gmail dot com.

Thank you for your patience… it’s getting there.


It’s there… at last!!!

Version 2 is finally out :)

We have started updating the bunnies and eggs and people are already starting to see a variety of rares on the grid :D I have personally already seen ads in groups for HB Mx and HB Shiny eggs. This will definitely boost the secondary market for Lives and Eggs trade. If you haven’t updated your bunnies, you still have time to do so. Head to our store on Tsuris and take the updater boxes on the table.

V2 bunnies are totally different. Their menus are very rich and you can really personalize your bunnies to reflect what you wish. You can even upload your very own custom dreams for your bunnies. The new bunnies are not phantom anymore. They turn physical only when they hop tho so your sim will not suffer from lag too much. Please do remember that the less scripted items you have, the better your experience with the bunnies will be.

I wish to thank you all for your patience and understanding for this loooong delay. I really hope you will love the new bunnies as much as we do :)

We are getting there… promised

Hi Everyone.

I know it’s been ages since I posted anything on this blog and believe me when I say I was really working on V2 that was giving us nothing but hard times. Add this to LL’s constant ritual of breaking whatever is still working in SL and you get delays and delays. We have been going through a lot of bugs with the bunnies and we are now 3 bugs away from release. We started with 192 bugs FYI lol. So there has been a lot of progess made during these past weeks. The remaining bugs are more matters of technicallity than real bugs but we might as well wait a couple more days and give something that works really well.

So please hang in there for a little bit longer. The release is real close and you will not regret waiting. V2 is nothing like V1.


Reason for not releasing a July 4th special

Hi everyone,

Some of you asked why we didn’t release a LE bunny for July 4th. The only reason why we decided to ignore this important day is because we wish to truly concentrate on the V2 release which is already taking too long to get bugs out of. We will definitely mark the milestone with another LE bunny when we release the update.


Emergency patch

Hello everyone.

Please note that you need to patch your bunnies by june 6th. You can take the patcher pack at the mainstore on the table at the center of the store.

This is really important for your bunnies as they are on a deadline. This will push their deadline for the v2 update to november.

We are also releasing a patch for the eggs today.

Stay tuned and please join the HunnyBunny Farmers group if you haven’t already to get support if needed.

V2 Info

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I have update the blog. The reason is that we are working on the V2.

Believe me when I tell you that we are almost re-writing the entire game. We had rushed the release of HB bunnies due to agreements and decisions that were wrong. V2 is going to be like I always wanted them to be. So yes we are taking a lot of time, but this is the version that I want to be well done and fun.

To start, you will no longer need a mat. Those of you who bought a mat script will receive a gift card to use at the store. You will be able to pick up your bunnies and eggs in your inventory without boxing them. We will still offer you the option to box them if you wish to save on prims at the HB Market or other places. Same with the eggs… we have recreated a gorgeous EggCradle for those who don’t want to rez plain eggs at the market. This of course will create an opportunity to those who wish to create their own boxing systems.

We have plenty of new breeds added to the HB family. From less rare to very rare. Your chances are realistic and you can expect to see rares really fast. If you are really in a hurry for rares, you should go for the premium food that will double your chances.

I wish to thank you for your patience and confirm to you that it’s really worth the wait :) Staff members will pretest V2 on high speed for a week maximum before we release the updater to the public.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us inworld, or leave a comment here.

Thankies <3


clarification on the easter bunny

I received some messages from people who were confused about the “color my tail” on the ad and the box for the Easter Bunnies. Please note that these are not colorchoice bunnies. The Color my Tail line is to say that these bunnies are only tinted on the tail.

The chocolate bunnies are using the RGB colors that we didn’t have before and have a lot of the update features in them. You will see the prim check before you rez. You will also notice that the food spam is only once per minute now.

So I am sorry if you thought these are colorchoice bunnies. The colorchoice is a feature that we reserve only for the limited editions.