Unveiling Easter Bunnies

Soon to be on sale at the HB Mainstore. Here are the yummy easter bunnies :)

Note that these are not Limited Edition bunnies but will only be sold for one week. There are no limits of purchase either. You can buy as many couples as you wish. These are RGB bunnies. You will randomly get Red, Green or Blue cotton tails. This is how you can get black or white bunnies after breeding for a while. This is also how the updated bunnies will work :)

Please note that these bunnies are not colorchoice like the limited bunnies.

These bunnies will always give chocolate bunnies with a cotton tail. They don’t give the regular bunny.


Sheep and copybot

Ok so just as we were about to start investigating on the breeding sheep in the grid, Jon Haskell the creator of the HB Bunnies sends me a notecard explaining that they are copybotted from his sheep. I must admit that I should have known. They did look familiar but without the texture, it’s always hard to tell for sure.

So please delete any sheep that you have as they are illegal. Delete all vendors too. A DMCA report is being sent by Jon.

Of course, HB Sheep is still on and now more than ever :)

What a shame that the story ends this way. I hope the people behind this scam will get what they deserve.

Further details about HB Sheep

Hi everyone,

I know that my announce had an effect of a bomb and I feel that I need to clear things and explain in detail:

I announced HB Sheep as our future animal a while back and noticed that someone made them out of the blue. I personally checked them and saw that they are physical and extremely laggy. Also noticed that they use a flat invisible prim under them which reminded me of our first beta versions. Also the stats on hover look a lot like HB. Of course I checked who owned the land and noticed that it’s someone I have dealt with in the past. Someone who is not of trust as he was already attempting to steal my trademark in order to cash in on my work.

This being said…. of course we are going to investigate further to see if there has been a hack or copying of our work and will take all appropriate action against them if we see that they used our scripts.

HB Sheep is ON HOLD…. meaning it’s not cancelled but paused for now until we know more about the sheep out there already.

I already wish to thank everyone who is offering to help us see more clearly into this case and are willing to share information with us about them.

Please do not panic, we have not cancelled the sheep. We are still actively working on HB Bunnies V2.0 and the easter bunnies. We just need to protect our work against people who might hack our system to make a quick buck and disappear.

All I can say is be very careful where you give your money. Always make sure that the creator has a fix land that is the official mainstore, that they have payment info on file to avoid an overnight alt scamming.



Easter BunnIES

Yup… Just celebrated St. Patrick’s and Easter is closer and closer. And boy do you we have something awesome for you.

HunnyBunny is all about easter spirit so it goes without saying that we went to a whole new level with the coming holidays.

Easter edition is not one bunny but A COUPLE!! Yes you read that right :) You will get a couple of Easter Bunnies that will…….drum rolls…….. GIVE AN EXCLUSIVE OFFSPING.

Yes we are getting close to the update and we are already implementing some of the features little by little :)

The Easter Bunnies will look like chocolate bunnies :D and will give a special cotton tail offspring with random pattern eggs. These are definitely going to add colors to your farms. This couple is a must have for all serious breeders.

We are not limiting these in numbers but in time. 1 WEEK! That’s all you have to buy them. After that, we stop the sales. The couple will be sold for 1590L and will hatch at the time to be in sync for breeding. Stay tuned as we add the pictures on this blog :)

Just hop it ^^


Official HB Orphanage

Jennyl Jameson and Jabb3r Panhandle have just opened the first HB orphanage. This is an official place backed up by HunnyBunny. So please always give priority to this place to drop off your unwanted HB Bunnies or HB Eggs. You are sure that they are taken care of and not resold cheap for a quick buck.


St Patteh Bunneh sold out

As of today, all copies of the St Patteh have been sold. So you lucky owners, you own a real collector’s bunny :)

Congratulations and stay tuned for the Easter Bunny.

St Patteh Bunneh

Wow as I write this post, there are only 12 left.

The St Patteh Bunneh is the perfect male for those who have the VDay Bunneh or for those who want to be able to get plenty of new colors that standard bunnies can’t give yet.

So if you are interested in one, hop over to the mainstore before they are all sold out.